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White Light takes Chromlech on board

French major event and entertainment lighting company Chromlech is to be represented by White Light in the UK.

Lighting specialist White Light has become UK distributor for Chromlech, the manufacturer of lighting products including the Gleamer low-voltage dimmer.

Founded in 2004 and based in France, Chromlech was created by lighting technicians and engineers with the aim to ‘design innovative lighting systems for big events and the entertainment industry.’

The company has attracted much attention for the Gleamer, a nine-channel dimmer pack designed specifically to control low-voltage (6-28V) loads, including ACL ‘Aero’ lamps. The pack features nine dimmers to allow it to partner with the classic Svoboda light curtain, giving lighting designers individual control of each lamp in the fixture. Dimmers can also be coupled if a lower number of higher powered units are to be used.

Gleamer is said to solve a very specific problem, which previously required series wiring or the use of transformers; its achievement has been recognised by lighting professionals, who have presented the product with a number of awards.

White Light says that lighting designers have also been attracted to Chromlech’s Jarag range of modular, arrayable lighting fixtures that use individually controllable tungsten lamps to give a traditional look and feel that stands out from the now more common LED array fixtures. The fixtures themselves are complemented by a range of rigging accessories that are said to make just about any configuration of fixtures – straight lines, angled lines or grids – possible.

“We are delighted to welcome Chromlech as a member of the White Light Family of products,” said White Light’s Sales Director, Peter Threadgold. “Their products fill very particular niches – but they fill them very well, offering elegant, beautifully engineered solutions to problems that were previously tricky to deal with.