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White Light helps to upgrade lighting systems at RAM

RSA’s XL2 has already been deployed at a concert for SPL and FFT mapping, and for RT60 and STI-PA measurements during a major installation project on behalf of an audio consultancy company.

Nicholson described the XL2 as “a brilliant audio tool. It’s really simple to use and gives me quick, accurate measurements of all the required audio parameters. The packaging is also first class from the handsets, accessories, to the rugged metal case. Recording and reporting is also simple and clear, enabling me to print out reports on site. I can’t think of a better pro-audio measurement system.”

Speaking to II, NTi Audio product manager Berno Nigsch noted that the customer response to the XL2 – which comprises a sound level meter, an acoustical analyzer and an audio analyzer – had been “overwhelming. Many customers learned very quickly about the XL2’s advantages, thus simplifying their measurement tasks, for example with the user-defined application profiles or the automated microphone sensitivity detection ASD.”