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Wednesday’s CEDIA and InfoComm education sessions

Today’s education sessions presented by InfoComm International and CEDIA cover a wide range of topics, including 4K video, video over IP, new projector illumination technologies and social media.

Now that HD video is firmly established with consumers – and a feature of the great majority of domestic TVs sold at the moment – James Chen will look at the next stage of development in ‘UHD (4K) Video, Compatibility and HDMI System Design’ (11.00-12.30, Room D201).

He says: “In this course we’ll talk about what Ultra High Definition is and how it will affect our existing systems. How can we best design systems for the future, what new devices will we need and what does this all mean for our HDMI installs?”

High-school level mathematics will be given in simple slides, he says, which attendees can review in their own time after the course. 

The ability to deliver video over IP is rapidly changing the way enterprises both manage and distribute their content. In ‘Planning your Multi-cast Enterprise Video Network’ (12.00-13.30, D204)Peter Maag of Haivision will explain how to migrate successfully from a baseband system to a multi-cast video workflow.

He says: “Upon completion of my presentation at ISE 2013, participants will recognise the benefits and challenges of IP video delivery, understand the technology behind successful IP video deployments within the enterprise.”

Also covered will be video-over-IP applications for mobile users, Cloud-based live streaming, and the influence of new technologies such as the MPEG-DASH standard on current system architectures.

An important new initiative from InfoComm International will be covered in Room D203 from 15.00 to 15:50, in ‘AV System Performance Verification: Deliver What was Promised’.

Jason Brameld, principal consultant at Mark Johnson Consultants, and Ann Brigida, director of standards at InfoComm, will provide a first-hand look at the new Audiovisual Systems Performance Verification checklist.

As well as helping the integrator to ensure that the projects are delivered that match the customer’s expectation (how do you prove to your clients that the system you said you’d provide is the one you did provide?), it is also designed to enable the integrator to demonstrate the value of good system design and integration.

“You’ll be on the inside track as you hear from task group members about the upcoming standard and how you can use it to boost business and gain the competitive advantage,” says Brigida. 

Most companies are expending at least some of their energies into social media. But how do you know if these resources are being well spent? In a CEDIA-presented course, ‘Social Media as a Marketing Tool’ (15.00-16.30, D201), Geoff Meads will discuss how to treat, and to quantify, use of social media like any other marketing activity.

“Our class is all about finding out the simple facts of social media,” he says. “It takes a hard look at the time you spend posting and will look at honing your efforts to make sure they have a positive effect on your bottom line. We’ll also discuss the various platforms and demonstrate the tools available to streamline your Social Media presence.”A number of free-to-attend manufacturer sessions will also run throughout today. More information is available from the ISE website.