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Visual Productions CueCore now shipping

This year's Prolight+Sound saw the launch of Visual Productions' CueCore lighting controller - and the company has announced that the product is now shipping.

The first of Visual Productions’ CueCores has left the Dutch factory to fulfill orders placed by distributors including those in Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In the Netherlandsabd UK, dealers and customers have been enjoying the new CueCore with installations in museums, a shopping mall and a themed swimming pool already having taken place.

In designing the CueCore Solid-State Control, Visual Productions says that it has addressec the issue of maintenance in installations. The maintenance required to keep lighting and its control system working well over time must be kept to a minimum in an installation. In many, the computer proves to be the weakest link, according to Visual Productions, and the main cause for maintenance – a broken fan, dust on the heatsink, a broken power-supply and so on. Using a CueCore for an installation means that no computer is required.

The CueCore is a lighting controller for permanent installations in museums, themed venues, parks, architectural lighting projects, bars, clubs and s on. The device is completely solid-state, with no moving parts; it is said to be an extremely secure and low-maintenance installation control solution with minimal power consumption.

Hardware connectivity includes 1024 DMX out, 512 DMX in, MIDI, MTC, SMPTE real-time clock, astronomical clock, GPI contact-closures, Ethernet, Art-Net, OSC, VisualTouch Compliant, linking of multiple CueCores.

All operating and programming is done through its dynamic web 2.0 interface. Connected to a browser, the CueCore becomes a lighting console, show controller, RDM Manager, DMX/Art-Net recorder and protocol converter, making it, says Visual Productions, a cost-effective, feature-rich solution.