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Visix overhauls pro services team to ‘improve client experience’

The company has consolidated multiple teams under one manager to improve internal systems

Visix has overhauled its professional services offering to better support digital signage clients by consolidating multiple teams under one manager, revamping the client onboarding process, streamlining client contacts and improving internal systems.

Jill Perardi, formerly creative services manager for Visix, has been named director of professional services. The position combines creative services, implementation, consulting, training, user support and technical support under one chief.

“We’re a team dedicated to improving the client experience,” said Perardi. “That may sound basic, but it’s all too common for companies to fall into the silo trap. A client could end up talking to four or five different people depending on their needs, which can lead to repetition, lack of a coherent approach and frustration. After all, our goal is to help our clients communicate better, so we should also be better at communicating.”

Everyone who purchases the company’s AxisTV software and MeetingMinder room signs is now partnered with a client success manager who acts as their primary contact and manages all phases of onboarding, implementation, product adoption and relationship management. Software specialists, consultants and the creative team all work in partnership with the client success manager to meet client goals and timelines in a comprehensive and holistic manner.

Software user support and technical support issues are no longer routed to separate departments, but are handled by the same team in order to provide a more cohesive customer experience. Perardi continued: “We work with both IT and communications professionals, who come from very different viewpoints and have different needs. However, the client organisation is our team’s focus, so whether someone needs help getting a player on their network or figuring out how to use widget in the software, we’re here to help in as efficient a way as possible.”

Visix is also rolling out numerous improvements to its online learning management system to improve the education experience with new learning paths, workflow videos and resources being added regularly.