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University joins Panasonic Offset for Life programme

In December 2010, Panasonic announced its 'Offset for Life' programme, allowing customers to offset the emissions from Panasonic projectors and displays. The University of Edinburgh is the most recent to join. has announced that The University of Edinburgh has opted into Panasonic’s Offset for Life programme for the development of the Edinburgh Centre for Climate Change (ECCC) building on campus. The Offset for Life initiative allows the carbon emitted by Panasonic projectors and displays to be offset, effectively reducing customers’ net contribution to global warming.

The university is home to the Edinburgh Centre for Climate Change (ECCC), an innovation centre created to address the need to develop solutions for a low carbon future, one less reliant on fossil fuels. A physical space for the ECCC is currently in the planning and development stages and is scheduled to be completed by spring/summer 2014. Panasonic’s Offset for Life programme is said to have been one of the main drivers behind the design and development of AV systems for the ECCC project, as any positive ecological changes to elements of this project will help the project receive the highest possible rating by the Building Research Establishment Environment Assessment Method (BREEAM) rating.

The ECCC provides a forum for solving “low carbon” problems and provides professional skills training for decision makers, business leaders and innovators supplying them with the skills required to succeed in the low carbon economy. In addition, it also brings together academics, policy makers, industry leaders, entrepreneurs and investors to facilitate knowledge-exchange, co-operation and joint action towards meeting the challenges of energy security and environmental sustainability.

“As a supporter of the ECCC, the Offset for Life programme is yet another way for us to contribute to a low carbon future,” said John Power, Project Manager, Learning and Teaching Spaces Technology at Edinburgh University. “Incorporating the carbon offset into our plans from the outset means we have a better chance of receiving the highest possible rating from the Building Research Establishment Environment Assessment Method (BREEAM) . “As the only AV manufacturer with an eco-friendly programme like this, Panasonic was the obvious choice for our centre and Offset For Life is an integral part of our plan for environmental sustainability.”

“We are thrilled that Edinburgh University chose to opt-in to Offset for Life as this programme is ideally suited for its Climate Change Centre”, said Daniel Rose, Category Manager, Professional Projector & Display at Panasonic. “The centre’s vision for a low carbon future is one that we wholeheartedly identify with and we are delighted to be involved in this inspirational project.”