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ProSource announces the launch of new training academy

ProSource Academy three-day, in-person basic training for new installers coming autumn 2021

ProSource, the largest audio, video and integration buying group in the United States, has announced the launch of ProSource Academy, a three-day in-person basic training for new installers scheduled for autumn 2021 in Richmond, Virginia. The Academy will allow new technicians to gain hands-on experiences in a safe learning environment. Coursework is organised around classroom learning, a workbench practice zone and practical assessments designed to send the new recruit back to their company armed with the tools they need to be a productive member of the team.

“ProSource Academy is an opportunity for ProSource members to directly confront the pain point of finding qualified technicians to further the success of their businesses,” said Dave Workman, president and CEO of ProSource. “As ProSource University marks its first anniversary, we have the platform in place to offer employees a career roadmap shaping their own future. ProSource Academy is designed to jump start new recruit employees with a fast-track to productivity.”

ProSource Academy was born out of a need to hire and train new technicians with little or no experience in custom installation but eager to learn new skills and actively collaborate side by side with fellow technicians and instructors in a field-style work environment. It will, the company says, stand apart from other introductory programs by communicating back to the hiring manager not only successful completion of the course, but also a holistic score card capturing performance in other key areas like soft skills, demeanour and core values fit. Candidates must complete all prerequisite courses in ProSource University before attending the in-person Academy.

Course content includes:

  • Construction Basics (Residential and Commercial)
  • Safety
  • Tools
  • Cable Types, Wiring Tools and Terminations
  • Design Documents
  • Rough-In Basic Procedures
  • Trim-Out Basic Procedures
  • Retrofit Basic Procedures
  • Jobsite Etiquette and Daily Procedures

“The Academy is a vital in-person complement to our already successful online program, ProSource University,” commented Sherry Dantonio, ProSource senior director of education and member recruitment. “Technicians will continue to practice the skills learned during the three-day program by working with a mentor within the company to validate training and receive practical assessment certifications. Technicians will continue their journey by taking additional classes within ProSource University and subsequent visits to the Academy with more advanced coursework down the road.”

Information on becoming a ProSource member is available from Dantonio, on (562) 810-1706 or via [email protected]