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Torus Power appoints Karma AV as UK distributor

Torus Power has announced that Karma AV will be its new distributor in the UK, selling and supporting Torus’ high-performance toroidal power isolation products to local UK dealers and integrators. Torus Power products isolate components from the grid, delivering video quality and a low noise floor.

“After carrying out extensive tests on a range of power equipment, we were very happy to take on the distribution of the Torus Power range, as it provided by far the best power and performance results we have achieved to date, more so than other brands we have tried over the years,” said Ian Severs, of Karma AV. “Torus Power’s reputation for build quality and product performance gives us significant confidence in the partnership.”

Karma AV aims to maintain a mix of options for systems designers, installers, and their customers. Torus joins Karma AV’s other brands, including Mark Levinson, JBL Synthesis, Revel, Lexicon, Primare, GoldenEar, SVS, Cornered Audio, Perfect Path, and Straightwire.

Kevin Main, VP of sales and marketing for Torus Power commented: “Torus is very excited to establish a partnership with Karma AV, a distributor that has nothing but the highest standards for equipment and performance. We believe that Karma AV will have outstanding success with our product line with the UK integration and two-channel communities.”