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TOA line array for Stuttgart venue

Headed by business manager Thomas Sumner, Which Lamps has grown to become one of the UK’s largest suppliers of replacement projector lamps. Which Lamps Europe has a dedicated multilingual sales team and will function independently of the UK business.

Sumner (pictured) told II: “One of the unique selling points for Which Lamps is that we are the only UK lamp distributor that has never sourced lamps from outside the vendor approved EU channels. We do not want to take part in the illegal practice of sourcing from outside sanctioned markets because we believe that it is not a sensible thing to do if you want to cultivate long-term vendor relationships. The long-term benefit for both Midwich and our reseller partners, both inside and outside of the UK, is that our vendors now see Which Lamps as their number one partner. At Which Lamps, we will be working hard to reclaim market share from compatibles and illegal grey imports.”

Sumner also elaborated on the advantages of its policy for pricing levels. “We believe that our policy regarding original lamps is certain to lead to better pricing for our customers,” he said. “Furthermore, because Midwich (Europe’s largest AV distributor) is behind the Which Lamps business, our resellers can rest assured that we will use our purchasing power and creativity to secure better stock availability and prices for our reseller partners. This is something that our competitors cannot do as they do not have access to all the leading projector brands. Vendors such as Sanyo, Sony, NEC, Optoma and Panasonic, Hitachi and Epson are fully behind our Which Lamps business.”