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There, but not there – a new approach to trade shows?

The live link connected Musion’s office in London and InfoComm 2009 in Florida, with US audiences seeing speakers live on stage in London as 3D holograms.

The somewhat eclectic broadcasts incorporated presentations on the benefits of this new area of technology from MASERGY UK managing director John Dumbleton, a house of worship sermon presided over by Pastor Erik Pattison, and stand-up comedy from Russ Williams.

“This groundbreaking event opens up endless possibilities for what business can do using telepresence technology and demonstrates how futuristic technologies like holograms can transform global communication,” Dumbleton told II. “The live broadcast is made possible with our next-generation carrier-based network because it is optimised for the end-to-end delivery of real-time applications, such as video, on a global basis.”