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Televic Conference expands with Audico Sytems

Plans to strengthen its Scandinavian presence were behind the move from Televic Conference, extending its supply chain into Finland.

Televic Conference has announced a new distribution agreement with Audico Systems, a leading AV solutions provider in Finland, to supply its range of conference solutions to the area.

The move represents Televic’s long-term strategy to address new market segments in pro audio, and is intended to reinforce its presence in the Scandinavian region.

“We are honored and excited about our partnership with Televic. Our goal is to offer our clients the best possible conference system solutions for various needs, from large scale regional parliament and city hall functions to corporate board rooms. With Televic Systems we are able to offer the desired versatile solutions” says Mr Harri Leiva, managing director of Audico Systems.

“We are extremely pleased with this strong new partner” says Richard Cazin, Export Manager Northern Europe. “This new partner has a long and successful history. They are extremely professional and therefore meet the standards that we have set for new partners to come on board. With this agreement, the Televic network in Scandinavia is nearing completion”