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Steljes showcases new products

"We've consciously moved away from the box-shifting model," said Steljes' Matthew Jacks at the company's ISE press conference.

“We’ve consciously moved away from the box-shifting model,” said Steljes’ Matthew Jacks at the company’s ISE press conference.

“Our business model is all about working with leading vendors and their best-in-class products to help them build and develop markets.” That’s certainly been the case with Steljes’ long standing relationship with SMART Technologies.

As well as highlighting its interactive whiteboard offering, Steljes – appearing at ISE for the first time – was showing off a number of new products, some of which were so new (a small form factor PC featuring 3G and WiFi access) that they don’t yet have a name.

Mainline – described by Jacks as a “potentially disruptive” technology – provides highly flexible access to mains power, and, said Jacks, will mean that power boards and extensions can become a thing of the past. A mains power socket can be simply inserted and then twisted anywhere along the track, overcoming the restriction imposed by fixed power outlets on room layout. Up to 16 adaptors can be fitted per metre of Mainline track, which can be standalone or integrated into skirting boards, chair rails and along work surfaces.

IRIS Connect is described by Steljes as the world’s most powerful professional development system. The solution – which is designed for teachers – combines video annotation software and a portable camera and allows colleagues to make time-linked verbal or written notes about the practice they are observing.

In addition to its new products, Steljes is featuring its best-selling – according to Jacks, over 150,000 have been sold – NuVo30W audio solution. Unique to Steljes, it is said to be easy to install and easy to use and can fit seamlessly with an existing interactive whiteboard installation.