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Steljes Limited goes in to administration

UK distributor Steljes Limited has gone in to administration, as of 23 May, after nearly 30 years in business.

Steljes referred Installation to insolvency practitioner Alix Partners, which is handling the administration. A spokesperson confirmed that the company is investigating potential buyers for Steljes Ltd, either as a whole or in parts, while the company continues to trade.

It has been reported in CRN, that the distributor was unable to service its overheads following changes in its relationship with Smart Technologies, which is the company’s largest vendor. Last month Smart announced a new UK partner programme, which saw them deal directly with the channel for the first time, using distribution for fulfilment only.

This move only affects Steljes Limited, with other parts of the business including Steljes Rental unaffected.

Additionally, Maverick is another Smart Technologies distribution partner, delivering Smart kapp products across a European distribution network. And last week it was revealed that this network would be expanded to include the UK as well as France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.