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Spreading the word: lighting designer speaks at Beijing forum

The forum attracted major interest and was attended by over 200 invited guests including lighting and sound designers, programmers, operators, technicians and consultants from all sectors of the Chinese lighting industry.

“Obviously it was very exciting and a great honour to be invited to China to speak about this work,” says Marenghi. “There is intense interest in the skills, knowledge and technology involved in producing monumental shows and events ahead of the Beijing Olympics in 2008.”

Marenghi is the only UK lighting designer to design and deliver lighting for an Olympic opening/closing ceremony – and he is also the first one to address the China Forum – sponsored by leading Chinese technology magazine ‘Entertainment Technology’.

His lively, interactive 35 minute presentation in Beijing detailed the evolution and execution of lighting design for the 2006 event in Turin, covering key aspects of what became an hugely demanding three year project. Topics ranged from the lighting technology involved to the politics, diplomatic skills and superlative teamwork needed to make the show happen under exceptionally challenging programming and rehearsal conditions.

The Turin show is acclaimed for its innovative use of colour and multi layered visuality, and the fact that it was one of the most successful in terms of working as both a TV spectacular and a major live event.

Marenghi collaborated closely with architectural/set designer Mark Fisher and his own hand-picked core team of programmers and operators, images of the event and of Marenghi’s other major shows can be found at