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Soundcraft announces networking options expansion

Harman is enhancing integration between its professional audio brands by extending networking options for the Vi Compact and Si 1, 2 and 3 series digital consoles

Harman’s Soundcraft is extending its range of digital audio transport option cards, with work already commenced to make AVB audio networking, Dante network cards and BLU link digital all compatible with its Vi Compact and Si 1, 2 and 3 series digital consoles.

With the AVB IEEE 802.1 standard now ratified – with which Harman played major part – the company want to extend the networking options available for its consoles as part of its ongoing commitment to the AVnu Alliance.

An agreement reached between Soundcraft and Audinate also signaled the proposed implementation of a Dante network option.“This agreement is a reflection of Harman’s responsiveness to its customers who want Dante networking,” said Lee Ellison, Audinate’s CEO.

To further enhance integration between HARMAN’s other professional audio brands, option cards for the consoles are also in development for the BSS Soundweb London digital audio bus system BLU link. The BSS digital audio bus is integrated with the majority of BSS Soundweb London series products and with the PIP-BLU is available for a number of Crown amplifiers.

“Connectivity is an important part of everyone in pro audio’s future; new products must integrate with legacy systems and infrastructure whilst existing products must adapt to emerging technologies” said Soundcraft product manager Richard Ayres. “With these announcements we are making it clear that by investing in a Soundcraft console you are assured it will remain future-proof and core to an integrated system.”

Shipping of the new cards is forecast to start this year. Existing expansion cards already available for Soundcraft digital consoles or stage boxes include Cirrus Logic, CobraNet, MADI, Aviom, A-Net, AES, Digigram Ethersound, Riedel Communications RockNet, Alesis ADAT, SD/HD SDI and Dolby E.