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Sound Technology brings new JBL Professional speakers to the UK & Eire

Sound Technology is bringing JBL Professional’s Control Contractor 60 Series loudspeakers to the UK and Eire.

Designed for a wide variety of applications including fixed installation as well as rental/staging, Sound Technology has introduced JBL Professional’s Control Contractor 60 Series loudspeakers into the UK and Eire. The speakers are said to be especially appropriate for rooms and venues that feature open architecture or that have high ceilings, and for rooms with difficult acoustics.

Included is easy-to-install hanging hardware that features redundant suspension cables and UL listed adjustable-height hangers.

The series encompasses four models: the Control 62P ultra-compact, mid-high satellite pendant speaker; the Control 65P/T compact, full-range pendant speaker; the Control 67P/T extended, full-range pendant speaker; and the Control 67HC/T narrow, 75-degree coverage, high-ceiling pendant speaker.

All Control 60 Series models (except the Control 62P) incorporate JBL’s proprietary, patent-pending, conical RBI Radiation Boundary Integrator technology, adapted from the VERTEC Series of line array loudspeakers. This combines a large-diameter, high-frequency waveguide with low-frequency projection apertures that work in tandem to provide a seamless integration of coverage between the two coaxially-mounted drivers. The result is claimed to be extremely even pattern control and coverage, where all listeners hear a consistent, flat, frequency response, even when using fewer speakers.

All Control 60 Series loudspeakers are available in black or white.