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Sommer Cable releases ‘fast and flexible’ speaker connection

The SP-BOXX speaker connection boxes offer a variety of connectivity options and are designed to cater for a range of loudspeaker power requirements in a 'fast, flexible' and space-efficient fashion.

Designed to cater to a wide variety of loudspeaker power requirements in a ‘fast, flexible’ and space-efficient fashion, the SP-BOXX speaker connection boxes will be on show from Sommer Cable.

The models LA-1 to LA-6 are designed to offer great connectivity for maximum flexibility. Three NL4 sockets are available per channel pair: one fully wired (1+/1-/2+/2-) plus two partly wired (1+/1-). The readable lettering is silkscreen printed on the robust housings of 2mm steel panels, while an M10 insert nut has been provided for flying operation.

The internal construction is completely modular and is based on two-channel PC boards. As a result of the sealed crimping blade terminals, a replacement in case of servicing can be made without the use of a soldering gun.

The four-channel units LA-1 to LA-4 are equipped with NEUTRIK NL8 or HICON PA-COM8 multipins (plug-compatible with CA-COM and LK connectors), while the eight-channel units LA-5 and LA-6 have HI-SOCA19 multipins (plug compatible with the Socapex 419 series). Due to the modular concept of the housings, custom-made versions can be achieved with relatively little effort.

Sommer Cable provides different a variety splice solutions suitable for the boxes. These can either be configured individually according to customer request or as standard solutions.

Stand: 5-R119