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‘Smart’ CCTV continues ‘intelligent’ trend

The development of 'smart' CCTV could free-up police time that would usually be spent trawling through unimportant video footage.

Following similar innovations in advertising solutions and digital signage, ‘smart’ CCTV is the latest technology to use an intelligent system to optimise its application results. Developed by scientists as part of a research project at Kingston University, the ‘smart’ CCTV system, which is part of the ADDPRIV project, recognises certain behaviours and actions– such as someone holding a gun – and follows the person accordingly. Multiple cameras are automatically called into action to track the suspect’s movements as they leave the scene of the crime, and establish where they entered the CCTV network or trace them to another destination. The intelligent solution continues the trend of personalising technological devices to a particular situation or person with the addition of an ‘intelligent’ platform. One such case, an ‘intelligent ads’ system, was recently unveiled at a bus stop on Oxford Street, which produced adverts in accordance to a person’s gender. Similarly, NEC’s Leaf Engine software gathers data from, for example, shoppers and recommends additional products in relation to the item lifted from the shelf. ‘Smart’ CCTV looks to be the next step for intelligent technology. In addition to its recognition of an incident and suspect, the system automatically records video footage from before and after a suspected incident, with any surplus data deleted.