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Shure donates microphones to burgled venue

In April 2018, Halifax's The Lantern suffered a break in resulting in lost contents - including 20 microphones, cash and damage to the building

Shure has helped Halifax music venue, The Lantern, stay on the live music scene after a devastating incident last year.

The Lantern is an independent live music venue and bar in Halifax, West Yorkshire, which opened its doors in November 2017. The venue prides itself on its fun loving, all-inclusive attitude, and for putting on shows that champion live music and those working hard to keep it alive.

In April 2018, The Lantern suffered a break in which saw them lose contents, cash and caused damage to its building.

Ben Adey, booker and venue manager, commented: “Twenty of our microphones were stolen during the break in. These are extremely valuable and of course, essential in being able to operate as a music venue. Shure were gracious enough to donate some microphones to help us out, and for that we’re very grateful as our insurance company failed to pay out.”

The Lantern is a 150 capacity and whilst only in our infancy, we’re proud to have already promoted some great shows. Long may it continue.”

Shure donated a total of nine microphones to the venue, including three B56, two B98D/C, one SM91, one B52, one B57 and one B58a.

The Lantern is now up and running again with a diverse line up of performances ahead.