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Sharpe displays from Shenzhen Lamp Technology

Designed with the same structure, the Sharpe family of LED displays are suitable for indoor rigging, outdoor rigging and floor display. The displays incorporate an integrated aluminium mould, which also makes for efficient thermal conductivity.

At ISE, Shenzhen Lamp Technology is highlighting its Sharpe family of LED displays, which it believes may be the first design in the industry to use the same structure for indoor rigging, outdoor rigging and floor display. It says that this gives customers the ability to use the same platform for almost any event – whether a motor show, a touring concert or an outdoor business event. The family is rated to IP65 for outdoor use.
 The Sharpe series is manufactured using an integrated aluminium mould which makes for efficient thermal conductivity and easy installation. Improved thermal conductivity also allows a fanless design to be implemented, removing noise. With a depth of only 50mm and a weight of 9.5kg, Shenzhen Lamp Technology claims that two panels can be carried at once. Ease of installation is also said to be improved by a simple interlocking system.
 The series comprises four models: a 4mm pixel pitch and 6mm pixel pitch indoor display; a 10mm pixel pitch outdoor SMD display; and a 10mm pixel pitch floor display. Brightness ranges from 1500cd/m2 for the 4mm indoor displays to 7800cd/m2 for the 10mm outdoor display. All modes feature a 140° viewing angle.
 Shenzhen Lamp Technology also claims that the Sharpe series is differentiated from its competitors by its double layer power supply, which enhances its power efficiency to 83%.