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Second Tech Tour added – Airbus flight simulator at EPST

With places for the ISE Technical Tour to EYE sold out, a second tour has now been announced for Monday 28 January. Sponsored by ISE and projectiondesign, the Tour to European Pilot Selection & Training (EPST) will give visitors the chance to see the AV technology behind an Airbus A320 flight simulator.

The simulators at EPST are known as FTSDs (Flight Simulation Training Devices) developed by manufacturer MPS (Multi Pilot Simulations), which is hosting the ISE Technical Tour. The simulators are the brainchild of Dick Verburg, who set up EPST as a centre of excellence in first-officer training 15 years ago. EPST gives would-be pilots the training and experience they need before joining a major airline, by providing ultra-accurate visual simulations of real-life flying experiences.

On the Tour, visitors will get a unique insight into FTSD technology at the EPST headquarters in Utrecht, with an exclusive, first-hand view of an Airbus A320 flight simulator, refurbished by MPS and now installed at EPST’s headquarters in Utrecht.

This second ISE 2013 Technical Tour will leave the Amsterdam RAI at 14:30 on Monday 28 January. The Tour will conclude with arrival back at the RAI at 17:00, in time for the Keynote Address with Marco Tempest and ISE’s 10th Birthday Party.

UPDATE: Due to popular demand, this tour has now been filled.