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screenFood ensures signage data consistency

Swiss digital signage software solution company screenFood is bringing the feel of Switzerland to ISE 2013 – and also the latest addition to its offering.

dataPIPE is designed to complement the existing Animation Factory module, obtaining product information automatically and updating it daily in users’ Animation Factories. It is said to offer the fastest possible fully automatic publishing process and to avoid errors by verifying the values entered – ensuring, for instance, the prices on screens are the same as the ones on the till.
The company’s three main products are screenFood SA, screenFood CS and DoorScreen.
ScreenFood SA is the entry-level offering. Designed for customers with a restricted budget, it is said to be user friendly, easy to operate, flexible and quick to install. screenFood CS is a more advanced solution, offering intelligent rights management, operation via a browser and open interfaces. DoorScreen is a configuration assistant which is compatible with both other products, and allows automatic display updating as well as integration with Exchange and SAP.
Additional modules can be added according to user requirements. Examples include a transportation module that allows data transfer via USB and LAN; temporal content control; individual monitor control; interactivity via touch screen; TV channel integration; and 3D playback.

Stand: 10-Q116