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Screen Events unveils plans for Screen Media India conference

Under the terms of the grant, Martin Professional will receive approximately $3m in funding from the Foundation. An additional $2m will be added by Martin itself, while Aalborg University will contribute $1m.

The objective of the long-term project is to develop new technologies for LED-based fixtures as substitutes for existing, more inefficient technologies, including improvements in optical systems, colour mixing, output, control, heat management and energy use. The result, says Martin, will be a _radical improvement_ in light quality.

_This initiative further emphasises Martin_s desire to lead the development and set the standards within our industry, as well as our commitment to continue to improve lighting efficiency to benefit the environment,_ said Christian Engsted (pictured), CEO of Martin Professional.

_We will continue to see a reduction in the use of discharge and incandescent lamps as LED technology gives us many environmental advantages,_ noted Finn J_ger-Rasmussen, head of R&D at Martin Professional. _The grant will allow us to produce optimal LED solutions for use in our applications while also funding basic research in LED. Our goal is to develop a highly efficient product with full colour mixing, in which the loss of energy is as small as possible._

The advantages of LED are well-known but the technology is far from perfect,_ Christian Engsted, president and CEO of Martin Professional, told II. _As we continue to develop our range of LED luminaires, the grant will allow us to assign sufficient resources to its further development, eventually implementing into our products improvements in both performance and efficiency.