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Samsung to launch STEP reseller programme

Samsung Electronics has announced the launch of its Samsung Team Empowered Partners (STEP) reseller programme, designed to help resellers go to market quicker.

This programme will focus on AV with STEP benefitting 80 accredited resellers through direct client management and access to the Samsung sales team. These resellers will have access to exclusive accreditation training to three Samsung products; LED screens, videowalls and software platform Magic Info.

“Having that close connection between the re-seller and the vendor is extremely important in creating a successful partnership,” said Phil Gaut, head of display at Samsung. “Through STEP we’re committed to ensuring our re-sellers have everything they need to reach their customers, quickly and easily.”

Alongside STEP, Samsung has also unveiled a change in its business warranty strategy, aimed at providing next day repairs and replacements. Under the old strategy, faulty products would be repaired within five days. However, as part of the new strategy, any issue that is reported before 4pm will now receive an on-site visit the next business day and the faulty product will be replaced with a new one, while it is being repaired.

“Being unable to operate because of a faulty product can be very disruptive for a business and even result in lost revenue. This new strategy will give companies the immediate assistance they need to get them up and running as soon as possible so any downtime is minimal,” said Gaut.

At ISE this week, Samsung is showcasing its outdoor display screens, videowalls, e-boards and its transparent OLED screens. In addition Samsung is the first major brand to unveil an LED Modular screen designed for use in a variety of environments.

“The AV market is undergoing considerable change as a result of the increasing development in technology in the industry. With this change in strategy and new products sets, we’re putting our customers at the forefront of this technology and helping them to become leaders in their own sectors,” stated Gaut.

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