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RMG Networks appoints new managing director

RMG Networks has announced that Joe Rabah will take on the role of managing director across the whole of the EMEA region, replacing Martyn Barnett.

Previously responsible for the Middle East Division since 2009, Rabah has been appointed MD of EMEA in a move to streamline both markets, increase efficiencies for the business and deliver innovative ways of working across the board.

Rabah has spent the majority of his career with RMG and been with the business over 21 years, in various roles such as director of product management, senior VP of product solutions and innovation and MD of the Middle East.

“This is a really exciting time for us at RMG, with our recent launch of CMS platform Korbyt and employee mobile solution KorbytGO, and I’m really happy to be exploring opportunities for all of our products across both regions,” Rabah commented. “My career at RMG has presented me with many opportunities and I am delighted to take on more responsibility in the company as my role evolves. I am looking forward to moving things forward for RMG in 2018 and anticipating an exciting period of growth ahead.”

“We have every confidence in Joe’s ability to run the EMEA operation,” said Robert Michelson, CEO and president of RMG. “Not only have his teams consistently exceeded financial objectives that have been set but, perhaps more importantly, they have provided solutions that have delighted our customers and resulted in exemplary levels of customer satisfaction.”