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RMG and Elo strengthen technology partnership

RMG Networks has announced a preferential technology partnership with Elo, a global supplier of touchscreens.

Together, both global brands provide transformational interactive digital signage solutions. As a certified solutions partner, RMG offers digital signage software that is in synergy with Elo hardware technology.

According to McKinsey studies, 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. Interactive signage helps make the customer journey easy and entertaining. Providing product or other relevant information through well designed touch interfaces or gamification will help the consumer enjoy their in-store shopping or hospitality experiences, resulting in higher conversion and satisfaction rates.

With the 2017 launch of Korbyt, a cloud based digital signage content management system (CMS), RMG has set out to provide the leading platform to power up the creation and implementation of highly immersive and impactful interactive digital signage applications for a number of key sectors such as retail, hospitality, education, transport and health care. The platform is also specifically built to support and enable enterprise-wide visual internal communications strategies.

By combining the strength of Korbyt as a CMS engine with the image quality, reaction speed and modern design of the Elo touchscreens, both companies deliver a leading digital signage solution. Together next generation hardware and software meet to enhance the viewer’s experience with the user’s message and enable the execution of almost any creative experience design. The Elo line of touchscreen signage includes sizes from 10 to 70in for a range of applications.

“Demand is growing for attention-grabbing, immersive interactive experiences in high-traffic environments. Teaming up with RMG helps us offer unique solutions that meet the needs of customers looking to make an impact and enhance the user experience.” said Maarten Bais, vice president and general manager EMEA at Elo. “The Korbyt software from RMG and our hardware form a winning combination across a wide variety of markets and applications – and all over the globe!”

Joe Rabah, managing director RMG EMEA commented: “interactivity is the future of digital signage. Whether for internal enterprise communications or aimed at consumers, there is a growing consensus that visual communications need to be as interactive and immersive as possible in order to create a feeling of inclusion, involvement and engagement by providing pleasant or even fun experiences. Elo touchscreens provide that seamless smooth experience that really makes any interactive digital signage application stand out. The Elo technology is state-of-the-art and adds great value to the solutions we provide our partners and clients with.”