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RGB Comms to run Audio Essentials training

RGB Communications will hold a series of training events focused on, as the company describes it, 'putting the 'A' back into AV'.

In order to help its channel partners understand the importance of audio in the AV space, RGB Communications will run a series of Audio Essentials training courses at its Berkshire base, with the first set to take place on 15 May (10:00 until 17:00).

Audio Essentials has been designed to raise the importance of the ‘A’ in AV ensuring that RGB’s channel partners are able to explain and demonstrate the advantages of investing in higher quality audio solutions to their potential customers.

“I am constantly amazed that audio is so often treated as the poor relation to video by AV professionals. Being able to clearly hear the sound when listening to or watching any kind of multimedia content is key,” said RGB’s CTO, David Webster (pictured). “The importance of good quality audio is often overlooked and so there is a real need to make sure that the ‘A’ receives just as much focus as the ‘V’ in AV.”

The Audio Essentials course starts with the basic physics of sound, what it is, how it is measured and heard. It then progresses with an overview of audio system components, including microphones and other sources, analogue and digital signal transmission, signal processing, surround sound and finally loudspeakers. Practical considerations are emphasised for selecting, installing and using components with tips on wiring and positioning, reinforced with the relevant theory.

“A good overall knowledge of how audio works will enable our channel partners to deliver audio solutions which no longer simply meet their customers’ needs but exceed them. In turn this will lead to increased revenue opportunities within an AV marketplace which has an equal focus on the ‘A’ and the ‘V’,” Webster added.