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RCF pleased with SGM showing at Prolight + Sound

SGM's renaissance under the ownership of the RCF Group continues, and the company enjoyed a successful show at Prolight + Sound.

The RCF Group has wasted little time in overhauling the SGM brand since purchasing the Italian lighting company two years ago, putting in place a new R&D resource, headed by Martin Professional founder Peter Johansen, and adding to the company’s international sales force with some key appointments.

When the new design initiative was originally announced at a press conference in London last November, RCF Group CEO Arturo Vicari (pictured) talked of opening a new chapter in lighting, while his Danish colleague promised a roster of products that would be game-changing.

Staple items in the SGM catalogue have been upgraded, while the new portfolio combines high design and engineering with compact form factor, low profile, and lightweight chassis … making the fixtures, says the company, as suitable for touring and discreet stage design as for architectural use. At the same time cooling methods have been improved via rectangular heatsinks, set-up and address procedures improved with the aid of internal diagnostics, and control protocols implemented to ensure that lamps run flicker-free.

“We have taken a new approach towards LED which is completely innovative,” said SGM commercial director Giorgio Radice. “LED is perfect for theatre, TV studios, exhibitions and major concert touring. Some of the designs – in particular the LED strobes, for which we have taken out a patent – are amazing and unique.”

In addition to the X-5 (white) and CX-5 (colour) strobes, using 3,000 and 1,200 Welly Power LEDs respectively, SGM says that visitors were also captivated by the MP5 full-colour moving LED wash light. “With the advantages of reduced weight, dimension and power, coupled with the beautiful styling, we have broken entirely from the traditional round can format, and demonstrated that we are working with the rental companies in mind,” said Radice.

A further architectural wash light which attracted a lot of attention at Pro Light+Sound was the CC-4 – a four-bank high-powered multiple LED fixture with 44 each of the Rebel RGB LEDs contained in each chassis. With its IP65 rating, and power consumption of just 4 x 400W, SGM believes it will find favour in the architectural sector.

“Feedback from the marketplace couldn’t have been more positive,” concluded Radice. “The new design solutions have radicalised people’s thinking, whether lighting directors, rental companies or architects, and once these models are in production I am confident they will quickly establish themselves on tenders and riders.”