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Q:A: McLaren teams up with Logitech

Nichole Izzo, head of marketing for North West Europe at Logitech reveals the reasons for the company’s collaboration with British high technology company McLaren.

McLaren is using Logitech solutions and desktop peripherals to boost productivity and collaboration across its global workforce.

McLaren wanted to video-enable every meeting space across each global location, while keeping control of its budget and finding solutions that both matched its brand aesthetics and would be compatible with the range of video platforms used across its employee, contractor and partner base.

Why did McLaren decide to adopt a new approach to delivering videoconferencing solutions and desktop peripherals across the business? What were their challenges?
When we started working with McLaren, they wanted to improve collaboration and productivity across their rapidly growing global workforce. As their business expands, with new offices in many countries including Singapore and the US, they needed technology that helps foster day-to-day collaboration between remote teams.

The company also wanted to maintain a team mentality across the business and found that their distributed workforce still wanted to communicate face-to-face when possible, as that has always been part of McLaren’s culture. For this, McLaren needed a new approach to videoconferencing that delivers a seamless, easy and quality videoconferencing experience.

In addition to this, McLaren knew that their existing ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to computing peripherals wasn’t allowing them to get the best out of their varied workforce, so they wanted to equip each worker with a tailored set-up to suit the job they were doing.

Tell us a bit more about how McLaren is using videoconferencing technology to drive productivity across the business.
We worked with McLaren to enable them to equip every meeting room – from large boardrooms, through to huddle rooms and breakout areas – with the right videoconferencing solution. This has provided universal access to the devices, meaning that all offices and employees can benefit from clear, crisp videoconferencing, and collaborate as if they are in the same room.

Moreover, the simplicity and ease of use of the products has increased productivity by ensuring that valuable time is not wasted at the start of video team meetings. This simplicity, as well as a set-up which is not software-dependent, means that collaboration is simple and seamless when external individuals and third parties visit McLaren offices. As a result, McLaren is now able to maximise collaboration and team performance across its global workforce, while remaining at the cutting edge of the industry.

Is McLaren using this technology to enable remote working?
Yes, the videoconferencing devices are enabling McLaren’s global workforce to be more productive wherever they are in the world, whether they are in an office or working remotely. With Logitech, employees can use videoconferencing in many situations outside of the traditional conference room setting – in huddle rooms, from home and even trackside.  

Can you tell us a bit more about how McLaren is using desktop peripherals to boost productivity across its global workforce?
In Formula 1 every millisecond counts, so ensuring that McLaren staff can work to the best of their ability has always been a key priority for McLaren. However, McLaren’s workforce is very diverse and every team of engineers, software developers, mechanics and business professionals has different technology needs. Due to this, a one-size-fits-all approach wasn’t an effective way to make the most of their skills and abilities.  

To overcome this, we worked with McLaren to understand what each type of employee needed to support their day to day work and give them desktop peripherals that are tailored to their specific job roles. For example, track engineers and mechanics can benefit from a mouse that allows them to programme the keys, so that they can quickly access the functions they use most at the click of a button. Similarly, for business professionals in accounting or data scientists the Logitech CRAFT keyboard allows them to quickly scan through and analyse data, and flick between multiple screens.

The overall impact of this is a more intuitive, productive and streamlined way of working for everyone.

What are they key benefits of this project for McLaren’s business?
As a result of the collaboration with Logitech, McLaren has been able to significantly increase creativity and innovation across the business, and allow teams to collaborate productively with seamless, reliable videoconferencing solutions. They have been able to make meetings friction-free and reduce the amount of time wasted with complicated set up.

Perhaps most importantly, Logitech’s products have allowed McLaren to meet the high quality and excellence standards that the company strives to maintain across the whole business, whether that is on the track or in the global network of offices.

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