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Q&A: Lutz Möhr of 3D-CC, the 3D Competence Centre

Lutz Möhr of 3D-CC, the 3D Competence Centre, talks to the ISE e-daily about the rise of stereo 3D.

Please explain your involvement with ISE 2011.

I am an independent consultant, mostly in the field of S3D (stereoscopic 3D) visualisation technologies, and my role at ISE 2011 is to organise the presentation programme for the 3D Theatre as well as helping to promote the 3D Pavilion. I’ve been working with ISE since last year.

How do you see the ISE market faring in the EMEA region in 2011?

I think there are good signs that things will develop positively over the coming year. The economy in Germany – which is one of the main European markets, and very influential in terms of the overall picture – appears to be becoming stable again. It would be good to think that this is an indicator of how things will develop in other territories.

What do you think will be the key external factors affecting the market this year?

For me, the key question is about the Euro. Trust is a key element in financial markets, and the Euro has not yet won back the international trust that is vital. We need the stable financial base that comes from a stable, respected currency Europe needs international trade – which means it needs to restore trust in the Euro.

What do you think will be the ‘star’ technologies of 2011?

Of course, there will be many star technologies in the coming year. From my point of view, 2011 could well be the year that 3D – or, as I call it, S3D – really begins to establish itself in the mainstream. It can touch all AV markets, because it brings so many practical advantages in so many applications – whether digital signage, videoconferencing, simulation/training or design/architecture. S3D can also reach out to users at an emotional level in a way that 2D images can’t. But – and it’s a big ‘but’ – it can only do this and be effective if it’s deployed and managed in the right way.

There has been much written and said about 3D, but I’d strongly encourage all ISE visitors to see it in action for themselves and make up their own minds. That’s what the 3D Pavilion and the 3D Theatre are there for – to give industry professionals the opportunity to experience 3D in action, and make up their own minds. I’m certain they’ll be impressed.