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Prysm LPD now shipping

Prysm has announced that stackable tiles based on its Laser Phosphor Display technology are now shipping.

First previewed in Europe at ISE 2010 – with the finished version displayed at this year’s event – LPD (Laser Phosphor Display) technology-based tiles from Prysm are now shipping.

“We are excited to announce the deployment of our truly transformative display platform. Backed by world class manufacturing, we deliver brilliant, high quality and reliable products,” said Amit Jain, CEO of Prysm. “We have amassed an incredible alliance with our partners worldwide and we look forward to seeing Prysm displays across Europe and around the world.”

The company has assembled a worldwide network of more than 50 channel partners (reported by IE here) that will promote, sell and support Prysm’s display products.

“Our customers are demanding innovative, high technology products that bring brand experiences to life,” said Stuart Holmes, managing director of UK distributor PSCo (pictured). “Prysm’s LPD tiles, which looked incredible on the stand at ISE, give our customers great design flexibility.”

At the core of the Prysm LPD display platform is a nearly seamless 25” diagonal tile. Solid-state lasers deliver an image that is viewable from 178 degrees, while using up to 75% less power than traditional backlit or projection technology-based products. Since Prysm’s display solution uses less power, generates less heat and has no consumables to monitor or replace, infrastructure costs related to space planning and air conditioning are lower. In addition to lowering total cost of ownership and operation for customers, Prysm says that its display platform exceeds industry standards for energy use and environmental impact.