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Promethean passes million mark

Promethean Planet, having been established only five years ago, now has over a million members dedicated to improving teaching and learning through technology.

Promethean Planet, the collaborative online community dedicated to improving teaching and learning via technology, has now reached over 1 million worldwide members.

Established by Promethean, the global education technology company, in July 2006 the community has taken just five years to reach this milestone.

Promethean Planet is now used by over one million educators, in more than 150 countries who gather daily to collaborate, exchange ideas, share best practice, and browse almost 35,000 free and publisher-supplied resources. While it began as a community for users of Promethean technology, it has grown to now include members with a wide variety of classroom and technology experiences.

“Reaching 1 million members is a tremendous achievement and has happened thanks to a great many people who have worked to develop the community over the years,” said Brent Taggart, president of Promethean community & content, “not least of all amongst these are the Planet members themselves. Whether posting in the forum, contributing blog articles, moderating groups, or sharing educational resources, it’s their contributions that make Planet what it is.”