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projectiondesign sales manager joins ISE board of directors

Olliver has worked in the professional audiovisual industry throughout most of his career, taking in stints with companies including ASK and InFocus prior to joining projectiondesign in 2002. Five years on, Ollivier is a company shareholder and works in a wide range of territories, including Central and Eastern Europe, Japan and Korea.

“In being appointed as a board member, I’m able to apply my extensive knowledge and experience in AV distribution, especially in the eastern and southern European regions,” Thierry Ollivier told II. “I’m a true believer that knowledge is a powerful thing and that the European AV industry can benefit from more usable knowledge. In the longer term, I hope to contribute to the increase and overall appeal of ISE, as well as to bring the show to new target market groups such as 3D visualisation.”

This year sees projectiondesign joining both the Integrated Systems Roadshow and ISE’s first exhibition in Russia, pursuing what Ollivier terms a “closer down the food chain, regional approach” to Europe’s emerging markets. The company is a Gold Sponsor of the Roadshow, which commences in Copenhagen this Wednesday (October 17) before calling at Warsaw, Prague, Vienna and Zagreb.

“ISE is a very forward-looking organisation,” noted Ollivier recently. “They’re accelerating into new markets such as advanced imaging, and that complements the areas that projectiondesign is involved with perfectly. I am sure that together we can make the most of new prospects and rise to the challenges that converging technologies will bring.”