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Proel acquires stake in Eurosell

Forecasted to register a whole-year turnover of more than 12 million euros, Eurosell SpA boasts a catalogue of more than 8,000 high-tech items, including products from such eminent brands as Panasonic, Canon and Extron. With the capacity to provide to more than 2,500 dealers and customers in the Italian and European markets, Eurosell offers an extensive range of products, professional advice, and design and engineering services.

“This operation will lead us to the development of a business with a great potential, oriented towards several reference markets with an organic, innovative and technologically advanced offer of products, services and solutions in audio/video and lighting,” commented Proel founder and chairman Fabrizio Sorbi (pictured here with Eurosell’s Gabriele Lazzari). “We have taken another step forward towards establishing a really integrated international group, able to satisfy any market requirements and become the one source supplier in our sectors.”

Speaking to II, Proel’s Mauro Di Pietro added: “The stake that Proel has in Eurosell is both significant and strategic. This investment is a significant dual-purpose operation: on one hand strategic, consolidating the presence of Proel in the rapidly expanding video market segment; on the other hand, it leads to an integration of audio, video and lighting products and services, thus covering the whole supply chain.”

“Only by developing synergies [is it] possible to keep abreast of the times and overcome the difficulties of an increasingly global market,” added Eurosell chairman Gabriele Lazzari. “The integration between different operators will enable a more immediate reply to growing customer needs.”