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Pro Audio Stash adds new racking products

The company has added a 5U rack shelf, 2U utility shelf, 600mm deep shelving and a new 800mm deep server enclosure.

Racking designer, manufacturer and supplier Pro Audio Stash (PAS) has announced the release of multiple new products, boosting its already comprehensive range of 19” rack cabinets, enclosures and accessories.

According to the company, this is to further service the far wider and more diverse range of customers who are now investing in PAS’s racking solutions.

PAS says that it carries an extensive stock of all its products, enabling it to deliver quickly to all UK destination – a capability that has apparently been well received by install customers, saving hours of time on site fit-ups.

PAS has added a new 5U rack shelf, a new 2U utility shelf and new 600mm deep shelving to the existing product ranges. Added to the PAS server enclosure range is a new 800mm depth product to complement the 600 mm and 1000mm depth options.

Server enclosures are currently available in 22, 32 and 42 models. The free standing network cabinet comes in an easy-assemble flat pack and includes adjustable rack rail, front and rear doors, side panels, feet and castors for convenient moving/positioning.

New wall-mounting rack choices are 250mm and 600mm depths. Other new wall-mounting products include the double section rack enclosure, available in 6 and 12U models. The double section allows access to both front and rear of the rack cabinet, and other features include adjustable depth rack rail, removable panels with spring latch, removable front and back doors and a strengthened glass front door.

The entire range is also now available with perforated steel doors in addition to glass doors.

PAS said that exclusive PAS products like the 1U and 2U Cable Tie Bar Kit – which enable all 19” rack panels to be retrofitted with a cable lacing function – give it a broad spectrum of products that are ideal for install, integration and AV professionals.