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Premier Mounts’ no-cut tube adapter

A new mounting plate from Premier Mounts saves time and wastage due to a 50mm tube adapter and wing nut alteration.

A new projector mounting plate from Premier Mounts uses a 50mm tube adapter to allow a tube of any length to slide up and down to achieve perfect positioning for the projector.
The adapter eliminates the need to cut the tube to length. Once it is installed, wing nuts allow quick alterations to how far the tube extends, without the use of any tools, says the manufacturer. A security screw holds the tube securely in place once the projector is in the desired position.
Like other suspended ceiling adapters from Premier Mounts, the adapter plate sits hidden above the ceiling tiles within the T-bar of a standard dropped ceiling frame. The sliding plate allows 230mm of left-to-right adjustment for flexible projector placement. The system also includes a quick-lock braided cable with looped ends to secure the adapter to the ceiling joists and a hole-cutting escutcheon ring to precision cut a tube hole into the ceiling tile.The system can be installed with the sliding plate on either left or right, allowing a projector to be placed within 250mm from either side of the T-bar framing. Stand: 4S56