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Polycom says efficiency claims validated

Wainhouse Research has tested Polycom's implementation of the H.264 High Profile standard and says that it 'meets and in some ways exceeds' their performance expectations

In the world of videoconferencing, a recurring challenge is how to maximise video resolution and call quality while minimising bandwidth usage. Polycom asked unified communications specialist Wainhouse Research to undertake testing of its HDX systems – which feature Polycom’s implementation of the H.264 High Profile standard – and says that the results validate its claims that it achieves the highest quality at 50% or better bandwidth savings compare with competing telepresence systems.

To facilitate the evaluation, Polycom provided WR with four (4) HDX 8000 videoconferencing systems with 1080p capable cameras. WR then created two parallel test environments – the first using H.264 Baseline Profile (BP) video compression, and the second using H.264 High Profile (HP).

Wainhouse Research reported that, throughout the testing, the company was impressed by the ability to reduce bandwidth via the use of High Profile. In low motion situations, the use of High Profile allowed for a 25 – 50% (and in some cases even greater) bandwidth reduction with almost no compromise in call quality / user experience. In heavy motion situations with a high bandwidth reduction, some call quality issues were noted during the High Profile calls, but not to the point that the user experience was materially compromised.

Overall, said Wainhouse, Polycom’s implementation of H.264 High Profile met – and in some ways exceeded – their performance expectations. 

The full report can be downloaded here