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Pole-dancing CCTV robot puts on a show at CeBIT

A CCTV pole-dancer captured much of the attention on the opening day of CeBIT 2012.

This pole-dancing CCTV camera, located on a stand from German software company Tobit Software, is just one of the many IT attractions to take her place at CeBIT 2012 currently taking place in Hannover, Germany.

Complete with gyrating automation, moulded breasts and a CCTV camera-shaped head, her goal is to make security sexy.

However, it has been said that Cloud technology and the internet will be the predominant focus throughout the five-day event, which is packed with over 4,200 firms from 70 different countries and began with a speech from German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Microsoft is demonstrating its Cloud computing software designed for airline operations, reflecting the efforts of other companies such as NEC, which has broadened its range of display solutions for airport applications, in the quest for a share of the airport segment of the market.

Cloud computing’s growth is demonstrated through the show’s keynote speech theme, “Managing Trust” which aims to confront developments in the technology – with special interest in data security and protection.

Away from the event, in the AV industry Lightware is one such company to continue with the Cloud trend, recently releasing its 25G Hybrid Martix router, which harnesses the ability to support eight media layers that can be switched and extended separately.

Along with the pole-dancing CCTV camera will be exhibitions such as new software to show real-time analysis of what is causing excitement over the internet; a system to protect smartphones from eavesdropping; air quality testing mobile phones; and Audi vehicles that provide an internet connection.