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PLASA 2012: rugged connectivity solutions from Harting

At PLASA 2012, Harting is featuring its rugged connectivity solutions, including the Han-Modular concept, for a wide range of AV multimedia installation applications.

At PLASA 2012, Harting is featuring its rugged connectivity solutions for a wide range of AV multimedia installation applications. A key element of the Harting product family is the Han-Modular building-block concept, which allows connector inserts for audio, video, data and power signals to be combined in three different housing variants – Han B, Han-Eco and Han-Yellock – offering a choice of characteristics in terms of weight, resistance to damage, potential for cable trunking drag-through and cost. New additions to the Han-Yellock series of rugged rectangular connectors include Han-Yellock 10: a smaller form-factor device that can accommodate a wide range of inserts, allowing signal types including RJ45 Ethernet data, fibre optics, 10-40 A power and hybrid mixed power and data. The larger Han-Yellock 30 and 60 housings can now accommodate 25- and 48-way monoblock 20 A crimp contact inserts to provide a useful damage-resistant, high-density connector capable of handling typical theatre and concert power lighting circuits. They can also be used with adaptor frames to accommodate Han-Modular modules handling audio, video, data and power signals. Harting is also showing extensions to the rugged lightweight plastic Han-Eco series connectors including new cable-to-cable hoods. These connectors are ideal for event and concert hoist and motor control power distribution installations with mixed power and secure Ethernet data control in the same housing. A range of IP65 protection covers for hoods and housings is now also available to provide protection in the unmated state. Other new connector products on show include connectivity solutions for the fast set-up and break-down of LED displays for indoor and outdoor applications; ruggedised fibre-optic connectors and cable assemblies with IP65/67 protection; the Han-GND innovative solution for potential equalisation, which makes it possible to implement grounding systems in a pluggable design; and the Han-Fast Lock, which provides a power connection from Han-style connectors directly to a printed-circuit board. Also on the Harting stand is managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches for applications in theatre/concert lighting and automation networking. These switches can be built into customised control and junction boxes providing theatres or concert event installers with a useful box-build assembly service backed up by a high level of expertise and advice of on-site integrated system connectivity.