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PALME Middle East 2008: 300 exhibitors and predicted visitor total of 7,500

Goldenberg’s arrest follows an investigation by the Computer Crime unit of the Bergen County New Jersey Prosecutor’s Office. As a result, he has been charged with Unlawful Access of a Computer System/Network-3rd Degree, Unlawful Access of Computer Data/Theft of Data-2nd Degree, and Conducting an Illegal Wiretap-3rd Degree.

According to Sapphire Marketing, the information obtained allowed Goldenberg “to unfairly compete with manufacturers such as Crestron represented by Sapphire”.

Sapphire Marketing owner Marla Suttenberg commented: “I am shocked by the corrupt sense of entitlement and indifference towards the privacy rights of Sapphire Marketing’s clients and employees. It is a disgrace and embarrassment to our industry that a competitor would resort to these kinds of tactics to gain an unfair advantage.”

Responding to the news in an official statement, AMX president and CEO Rashid Skaf observed that the company was “surprised and stunned by this news. It is the clear and unambiguous policy of AMX that every employee act with the highest moral and ethical standards, and to obey the law in all respects. We have always stressed fair and honest competition, and in no way do we condone any unethical or unlawful behavior.

“David has been placed on a leave of absence, effective immediately, while this matter is investigated. Alan Stoddard will be acting in his role until further notice.”