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PAI Group awarded ISO 9001 certification

Proel will also benefit from the expertise of the Lampo R&D department under the terms of the agreement.

Manufactured in Italy, the high-end Sagitter brand is set to consolidate Proel’s position in the professional lighting sector worldwide.

Fabrizio Sorbi, chairman of Proel Group, told II: “The Sagitter brand will be the jewel in Proel’s Lighting division. Under this brand, a line of more than 30 products will be launched by the end of the year, which will move into a high-end market and will have leading-edge technology features. Our R&D laboratory is committed to the project and it is already at work on a development strictly ‘made in Italy’ of these new systems of professional lighting.”

Sorbi is pictured here with Lampo owners Dario Pezzini and Guido Beladelli.

Based in Teramo, central Italy, Proel S.p.A. is the parent company of Turbosound, Proel America, Eurosell and EVR Media.