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Over 100 exhibitors at this week’s ABTT Theatre Show

Goboland’s managing director, Ivo Dielen, commented: “The Middle Eastern market has been expanding exponentially in the past few years. The volume of business this has created for us has necessitated the opening of a branch ‘on the ground’, so to speak, so we can bring a more customer-facing service to our new clients here in the Middle East.

“The projection of gobo images onto the exterior of buildings is a powerful advertising tool which has become a tour de force here. The number of projects and advertising ventures which incorporate gobo projection has seen the demand for our expertise – including keystoning of images and distance calculations – rocket. We are very keen to develop this further and have great expectations for our new venture.”

Goboland products have recently been in evidence at the Gastech 2009 Exhibition in Abu Dhabi and the PALME show in Dubai.