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Optocore introduces new MADI network devices

ISE 2011 is the venue for the introduction of Optocore’s DD4MR-FX and DD2FR-FX dual MADI, video and data network devices.

ISE 2011 is the venue for the introduction of Optocore’s DD4MR-FX and DD2FR-FX dual MADI, video and data network devices.

Following on from the release of the DD32R interface last Autumn, these two 1RU products have been designed for compatibility with Optocore’s new Cat5-based SANE platform, allowing up to 256 channels over CAT5. The existing DD4ME and DD2FE MADI devices have therefore been re-engineered to function within this environment, and include RJ45 SANE network connectivity, while the optical port upgrade (to 2Gbit LC SPFs) allows for simple user exchangeable single or multimode fibre transceivers.

The expanded capacity provides each ring with the capability of carrying up to 1024 audio channels over a 2 Gbit network, and at the same time create copper-based 24 ID sub network rings from any of the 24 devices that can appear on the prime fibre based network. Each device also supports two 100Mbit Ethernet links.

The DD4MR-FX MADI device with Ethernet (for Optocore and SANE) has been designed with 2 x 64 MADI Inputs and 2 x 64 MADI Outs, providing 128 x 128 channels on BNC connectors, with 2 x 64 SANE Inputs and 2 x 64 SANE Outputs, providing 128 x 128 channels on RJ45 connectors, Ethernet ports and composite video I/O. It offers 128 audio input and output channels, with four RS485 ports, allowing remote, DMX, MIDI and computer data control, and RS232 and USB ports for network and device control.

Primary features include External word clock input/output; Built-in network redundancy (as a result of the two optical fibre ports); two optical links; two SANE and Ethernet links; two 100 Mbit Ethernet links; dual universal voltage AC power supplies; power consumption of typically 10W; distance between two devices of up to 700 m/2300 ft standard, with the option of distances up to 70 km/43.5 miles.

The DD2FR-FX is a dual-port optical MADI device (for Optocore and SANE) offering 2 x 64 MADI In and 2 x 64 MADI Out via SC optical fibre connectors, and providing a similar feature-set to the DD4MR-FX, with SANE / Ethernet ports and composite video.

A further feature is that Optocore equips its optical MADI devices with transceivers which can connect to both Single Mode and Multi Mode link partners.

In addition to the expanded functionality, the new models are up to 50% less expensive than the MADI devices they replace, with greater energy conversion and reduced power consumption of up to 40%.

The new streamlined DD4MR-FX and DD2FR-FX will be on shown at ISE on the stand of Dutch distributor TM Audio and will begin shipping in February 2011.

Stand No (TM Audio): 1J119