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Opinion: Spreading positivity

The Women in AV mentor programme has already made a difference to my career, and it could help you too, says Honey Tavakoli, reseller account manager at LG

As a young professional woman working in the AV industry, the WAVE mentor programme gave me a great opportunity to meet and network with like-minded industry professionals, who are both passionate and committed.

The WAVE mentor programme has allowed me to gain a better industry understanding, while meeting women who either have strong footholds or are making positive contributions, which I have found to be very inspirational.

Since joining the programme, my self-confidence and product knowledge has grown dramatically and having such an amazing mentor – Nicki Fisher from Clear-Com  – who holds such a respectable position within the AV and broadcasting market has allowed me to set myself aspirational career targets, one which I have already achieved. I am very proud to have joined one of the industry’s leading AV manufacturers earlier this year. 

My management team at LG Electronics are very open minded and supportive of both myself and my involvement in the WAVE mentor programme and hope that I can spread the positivity I have gained to other women within my organisation. 

A helping hand
I am fortunate to have a mentor like Nicki who is committed to the programme and the knowledge and experience she has passed onto me is invaluable. I know even when the programme has ended that she is one call away and will always support me; this is one of the many reasons I joined the WAVE programme because everyone supports each other and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

“The programme is an inspiration for any young professional looking to establish a career within the AV industry”

Another thing I like about the programme is that, there is always an opportunity to talk to others about their experiences. It creates a forum where we can share experiences and gives me a good idea of what other companies and sectors of the industry embrace and empower their female employees. 

A typical working week for me can be varied, from working on a large sales opportunity one minute and then nurturing one of my perspective accounts the next. Sharing this experience with my mentor has meant that I am able to get fresh ideas and step back and approach things from a different angle. 

I have enjoyed being a part of the programme and look forward to my continued growth and tackling new day-to-day and larger project-led opportunities with the aid of my mentor, who I can always rely on for impartial and positive advice.

I am looking forward to continuing my experiences in the programme and hearing about the progress of my fellow colleagues/friends which I have made being a part of WAVE. The programme is an inspiration for any young professional looking to establish a career within the AV industry and I actively encourage other young women to take part.