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Opinion: Engaging your customers

Chris Parker, senior product manager at Sharp UK, reveals four ways digital signage can help improve customer engagement

Businesses of all sizes look to gain a competitive edge through new technologies, and installers are well placed to advise companies on the best products to find this advantage. One of the biggest ways for installers to build better client relationships is to understand their customers’ businesses and needs – as well as what their customers expect from them.

Business attitudes and expectations of technology continue to change – they must now serve multiple functions to demonstrate value to the business and make investment worthwhile. It is therefore critical for installers to understand the benefits that a newly introduced device can bring to a business, otherwise products can be underused or even lead to dissatisfaction further down the line. Digital signage is one such tool that, as a rule, isn’t typically used to its full potential. Wayfinding and advertising are both great uses, however there are many innovative ways to harness the power of AV technology.

As the digital signage market evolves, so too do their uses. Here are four key ways that installers can recommend the use of digital signage to connect with customers.

Brand building with digital signage
Visual solutions should be placed in an area of the building that maximises visibility. This is a great way for installers to get their brand in the public domain.

A digital display can aid in telling a company’s story, and for a business looking to build brand identity it’s important that customers have sight of brand materials to help generate recognition. The best medium for this brand building in-store is visually – placing signage in a reception or meeting space can help shape awareness and promote the business from within.

Providing a central point of information
An AV display can be an essential information hub in any retail or hospitality setting. Digital signage can be used to report and broadcast important company information, as well as updates from the outside world. Specifically for customers, information about offers can be displayed company-wide, maximise awareness – even potentially aiding with sales.

The benefits of using AV solutions as an information hub are not limited to commercial locations – businesses of all kinds can benefit from a digital signage tool that could inform employees of news and market updates in real-time.

“A digital signage solution does not need to be thought of solely as a tool to promote the client’s own business; it could be used to create opportunities for cross-market selling”

Generating opportunities for partners
A digital signage solution does not need to be thought of solely as a tool to promote the client’s own business; it could be used to create opportunities for cross-market selling. For example, a digital display in a gym could feature third-party products, such as sportswear and health-related products, while a display in a hotel reception could be used to promote local car rental hire, restaurants, or theatre events.

Highlighting this to clients could help strengthen business partnerships, and the relationships with other local businesses that would reciprocate the arrangement.

Managing queues to maintain quality service
In a retail setting, keeping customers informed with regular updates and announcements using digital signage can be a great way to improve their experience. Something as simple as a ticketing countdown, or a more managed solution with specific updates is a practical way for keeping customers informed or organised.

Digital signage is a familiar, easy-to-use AV solution, and one which can continue to increase value for owners. Installers that demonstrate to clients where value can be added will build lasting relationships and ensure returning business.