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Office tech is the biggest productivity blocker, according to 60% of UK workers

Technology is the biggest frustration for UK workers, beating unnecessary bureaucracy, inefficient processes and annoying colleagues, with 60% of office workers saying the tech provided by their employer is failing to do its job and is stopping them from being productive. That’s according to new research from Cloudbooking, a provider of integrated workspace management solutions.

In addition to inadequate technology, the Cloudbooking research, carried out with 1,000 office workers, identified the impact of other workplace challenges on employee productivity. More than a third (38%) of workers say obstructive colleagues are impeding their ability to get their job done and the same proportion cited inefficient processes.

Unnecessary bureaucracy gets in the way of 28% of employees and 18% complain about time wasted during, or travelling to, meetings. Lengthy commutes are an issue facing 14% of UK workers.

The results of Cloudbooking’s research are presented in a new report, Employee Experience – The Next Stage of Evolution, which examines the workplace priorities and future expectations of today’s office workers, and how it affects their experience and job satisfaction. In fact, technology was highlighted as the single most powerful factor affecting workplace experience by 93% of respondents.

“Workplace technology is much more than just the computer or phone you have in front of you. Technology has the power to shape the wider experience in the workplace, removing the friction and frustration employees face while trying to get their jobs done. If done properly technology offers huge boosts to both job satisfaction and employee retention, so it’s critical to get it right,” commented Gerry Brennan, CEO of Cloudbooking.

The Employee Experience – The Next Stage of Evolution report is available in full here.