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NEC showcase doubles attendance

NEC's showcase - which the company hosted at London's iconic Battersea Power Station - attracted over 500 visitors including consultants, distributors, integrators, resellers and end users.

First previewed by Installation Europe here, the NEC showcase has now been and gone – and, by all accounts, it was a success. Held at the Battersea Power Station in London, the show attracted a mix of end users, partners and providers from across a variety of sectors. These included big corporate names such as HSBC, O2, M&S, Odeon and BAA, as well as digital media organisations including clearchannel, JC Decaux and subTV, alongside representation from over 15 universities. Exhibiting partners were able to get face to face with a number of potentially significant customers and consultants, distributors, resellers and integrators such as Impact, Electrosonic and Reflex were also drawn to the event.

“The NEC Showcase once again highlighted that there is a need for an integrated display solutions show where the industry market leaders can work together in showing fully integrated solutions to channel and end customers alike,” said Simon Jackson, VP for NEC Display Solutions. “We enjoyed the support of 32 Solutions Partners at the Showcase this year and on some solutions we had five different partners collaborating.”

With a total visitor attendance of 555, this year’s showcase doubled the number who attended in 2010 when the event took place at the BBC Studios.

Alun Williams, who was demonstrating SMART solutions at the event, was impressed by the number of corporate end users he was able to reach out to. “We have the facilities to demo product at Steljes, but by attending the NEC Showcase we can generate great corporate contacts,” he said. “I cannot think of any other manufacturer who could pull together such a diverse portfolio of solutions allowing visitors to focus on solutions rather than technology.”

Also partnering in the Showcase, Scala’s Damon Crowhurst witnessed the quality of solutions in the market place, seeing the industry players “raising their game.” He was pleased with the number of end users at the event. “All those with big RFPs are here today,” he said. Many other partners confirmed a high level of lead generation. “Whilst we have spoken to many people we already know today,” said Steve Greenall, sales director at Vbrick, “we have made many more new contacts with genuine opportunities.”

The event also provided an opportunity for NEC to reach out to previously non-NEC resellers. Reseller Leapfrog AV flew down from Manchester to attend the event and “made new friends at NEC.”

Neil Goodman, Chief Technology Officer at The Institute for Strategic Studies described the showcase as “surprising.” “I have discovered applications which I had not thought of before today and have found that NEC’s product solutions offer extremely good value,” he said.

For the first time, the showcase offered seminars by partnering with ‘The Screen’. Lisa Goldstein who co-ordinated the speakers said they were “delighted to have matched very appropriate seminars for this audience.” Many attendees commented on the quality of the speakers. Steljes’ Martine Dodwell-Bennett attended the Education seminar about which she said: “It has helped me to form our messaging with regards to 3D and will help us to address the hurdles as seen by users in that marketplace.”