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Musion, Masergy demonstrate live 3D holographic teleconference

3D holographics teleconferencing is often considered to be a network resource hog - but a demonstration by Musion and Masergy using a Polycom codec says it doesn't need to be.

Musion has partnered with Masergy to successfully complete what it says is the world’s first live 3D holographic teleconference using Polycom’s Immersive Telepresence technology.

While Wednesday’s demonstration was an intra-city event – representatives from Masergy’s London office were transmitted live across London to Musion’s West London location – Musion says that its TelePresence has previously proved its capability for transmitting individuals cross-continentally for live global holographic meetings. According to Musion, it is the only holographic technology to reduce unnecessary travel but retain the immersion and engagement levels of face-to-face meetings.

“Polycom’s affordable HDX video codec creates a terrific easily accessible solution and introduces Musion TelePresence to a much wider audience,” said Ian O’Connell, Director of Musion (pictured). “The future of business communication isn’t just sat at a desk behind a screen – it is now possible to experience face-to-face, fully immersive 3D meetings where individuals appear in breathtaking clarity to each other without the need to physically be there.”
Prior to the Polycom HDX codec implementation, a dedicated 20MB MPLS line was required to meet the ultra-low latency requirements of a stable holographic image. With Polycom’s video technology and Masergy’s networking expertise, the 4MB signal is said to have performed perfectly on a 10MB connection, convincing audiences they were interacting with a live person on stage.

Furthermore, the Polycom HDX codec also reduced the network strain associated with audio. A live guitarist followed the meeting, further demonstrating the video codec’s stability and robustness. Audio capture was apparently flawless and the sound’s delivery was crystal clear without the need for any supplementary editing or equipment.

“This is another step towards a more immersive future, made possible by a high performance network,” said Richard Mathewson, Vice President Sales, EMEA at Masergy. “This partnership is one more example of how forward-thinking companies are changing the face of telecommunications.”

“Polycom’s vision is to make video collaboration ubiquitous,” said Daniel Weisbeck, Vice President Marketing, EMEA, Polycom. “The Polycom RealPresence Platform enables new technologies like holographic 3D conferencing to benefit from our video leadership in scalability, security and network efficiency. Based on open standards the Polycom RealPresence Platform empowers the development of new and exciting video technologies of the future like holographic 3D conferencing and beyond.”