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Musion makes 8 Northumberland Avenue first permanent 3D ‘holographic’ venue

The new platform is now up and running after a partnership between the 3D 'holographic' specialist and the London hospitality venue was announced in March.

London’s 8 Northumberland Avenue has become the first venue to have a permanently installed Musion Events Eyeliner 3D ‘holographic’ platform.

The 6m x 4m high definition projection system is now a feature of the venue’s iconic hospitality space, The Ballroom, allowing management to provide its customers with the platform at a reduced rate in comparison to the usual hire cost.

Stephen Moore, Chairman of 8 Northumberland Avenue, stated, “The Musion installation blurs the lines between the physical and the digital, enabling us to offer ground-breaking and limitless possibilities for a third of the price. We often oversee 50 to 60 events a year, offering the very best service and cutting edge entertainment packages, which are now accentuated by our ability to provide such an innovative technology.”

Additional firsts came through the install, which required a custom designed coupling and the world’s first custom designed carbon fibre frame with a super slim line profile of 10cm. What’ more, the system is completely retractable (under an hour for both set-up and set-down) and open, meaning 8 Northumberland Avenue has access to Musion technology without any aesthetic intrusion; a breakaway from the traditional ‘black box with side curtains’ design.