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MultiTouch launches 42”, 55” multitouch screens

The new 42" and 55" screens are specifically designed for Windows 8 and support simultaneous use of unlimited touch with hands, the new Windows 8 native pen tracking and real life object interaction

MultiTouch launched the 42” and 55” MultiTaction Cell multitouch displays, fully integrated with Windows 8. According to the company, the new MultiTaction Cell 42” (MT420W8) and 55” (MT550W8) with Embedded Windows 8 on Intel Core i7 are the first large-format displays available with a built-in touch user interface – and the first to support simultaneous use of unlimited touch with hands, the new Windows 8 native pen tracking and real life object interaction.

The addition of Windows 8 is said to make MultiTaction an even better proposition for clients seeking large integrated Windows 8 devices particularly suitable for use in public spaces. The new MultiTaction Cell displays allow clients to use applications from the Windows 8 store, with both 42” and 55” models running applications compatible across smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop PCs.

In addition, developers can use their preferred development platforms using industry standard interfaces such as TUIO and XML stream. MultiTouch’s own Cornerstone SDK is also fully supported.

“We have long said that touch technology is the way of the future for consumers and businesses,” said Petri Martikainen, CEO of MultiTouch. “With Windows 8 operating across multiple devices we will see the number of interactive applications grow exponentially. Our products provide the most advanced set of touch, gesture and object recognition capabilities and our goal is to continue to be the leader in the touch display market by supporting the most cutting edge technology such as the Windows 8 platform.”

With support for multiple simultaneous input methods and robustness in bright external lighting conditions, MultiTouch says that the MT550W8 and MT420W8 are ideal for education, retail and corporate use.

Features for Windows 8 offered by MT550W8 and MT420W8 are said to include:

• Unlimited number of concurrent users and touches
• Ultra fast 200+ fps Computer Vision Through Screen tracking
• Windows 8 native infrared pen support for simultaneous pen and touch interaction
• Windows 8 native finger-orientation information available to applications
• Enriched Reality: Using optical markers (tags) for interaction with physical objects – available using TUIO or XML interface or Cornerstone SDK

The MT550W8 and the MT420W8 are available for order now from MultiTouch and MultiTouch resellers.